Antibiotic Stewardship & Infection Prevention Part 3: Antibiograms, MRDO's and Drug-Antimicrobial Interactions

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

1.0 CE for both RNs (AANAC) and Administrators (NCERS/NAB)
NOTE: Credits not yet available through NAB for Missouri

The KEY is in that of education and knowledge of policies and procedures that will assist staff in becoming part of the antibiotic stewardship team!

Join us for Part 3 of our Antibiotic Stewardship Webinars. This final section will share critical information on Antibiograms, MRDO's and Antibiotic Drug Interactions. Controlling and preventing the spread of infections has always been a goal in any healthcare setting but now it presents an even greater challenge. Here's what we'll learn.....

Antibiograms - An antibiogram is the result of an antibiotic sensitivity test, a laboratory test for the sensitivity of an isolated bacterial strain to different antibiotics. It is, by definition, an in vitro sensitivity, but the correction of in vitro to in vitro sensitivity is often high enough for the best to be clinically useful. But just what does this all mean? How and when does the facility utilize an antibiogram? What are the limitations of an antibiogram?

MRDO's - Dangerous blood borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B and C, MRSA, and C Diff, and the rise in numbers of multi-drug resistant organisms, makes it more important than ever for health care workers to be educated and knowledgeable about reducing the numbers of infections in their health care setting. What exactly do we need to know?

Antibiotic Stewardship Interactions - Knowledge of possible drug interactions is essential because it requires resident monitoring for Adverse Drug Events. This knowledge is critical with antibiotics because of their short duration use. How do we determine these events?

Join Jan Pizzolanti, RPh, CGP, and President of Experienced RX Consults as she discusses all of these critical elements of Antibiotic Stewardship. Please forward this invitation to others within your facility that would benefit from learning more about this important issue.


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