Internal Complaint Investigation Guidelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities Adverse Events … Major Failures …Complaints

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28 Oct, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Skilled Nursing Facilities have an unequivocal duty to investigate any adverse event, major failure, or complaint. Failure to do so will lead to continued poor practice, and putting residents, or staff at risk for harm. Regulatory and/or legal sanctions will most certainly follow! The integrity, reputation and viability of the facility will be at risk.

When things go wrong, and adverse events occur, the internal investigation must be prompt and thorough. Appropriate corrective action, based upon the true root cause, is the best way to protect your facility of potential liability, and lawsuit. Failure to have an effective investigation process in place will increase the chances that similar failures will happen again.

Do you know….

  • How to react when confronted with accusations or complaints of legal or policy violations?
  • The best ways to handle misconduct, resident abuse/neglect or situations of harassment or discrimination?
  • How they investigate safety or fraud and how they determine whether there was probable cause to believe the allegations in the complaint are valid?

Remember the employer is responsible to prevent further wrongdoing. This presentation will help facilities develop an internal investigative strategy.

Please Join Joyce Warriner, RN, MS – President of LTC Compliance Consulting

Please forward to others within your facility that would benefit from participating.


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