Medication Error Detection - Best Practices

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

1 CE for Administrators/Registered Nurses

Medication errors represent a significant concern in our facilities, increasing patient mortality and morbidity as well as increasing health care costs.  Even when medication errors result in no patient harm, patient confidence in the health care system can be jeopardized!

Medication Administration is a complex multistep process that encompasses many complicated tasks.  Despite our best efforts, an error can occur at any step.

How do we create a better system?  A system that significantly minimizes that risk and maximizes our resident’s health and safety? In addition, best practices also minimizes that risk for the facility itself.  Fewer lawsuits and citations.

Join us as we review the basic steps, principles and “checks’ of Medication Administration. We will re-evaluate our current systems as well as our overall Medication Management.  Determining the root cause of every medication error is critical, as well as the factors that contributed to them.

What will we learn from this Webinar?

The best ways to minimize human error

More effective techniques of determining why they take place

New ways of implementing checks and balances to prevent errors

Fool proof ways of analyzing and reporting errors effectively

The best ways to use Quality Assurance to encourage and assure regulatory compliance.

Join Joyce Warriner, RNC MS, and President of Compliance Consultants as she shares her expertise with us as we work toward improving Medication Errors and implementing Best Practices in our facilities.


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