OSHA 2018 - Ever-Changing Requirements Make Compliance Difficult For LTC Communities

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

1 CE Approved – Administrators/Registered Nurses

This webinar will offer the solutions you’ll need to keep your staff and residents safe and to keep OSHA inspectors off your doorstep!

In 2018, OSHA will have a renewed sense of focus on Long Term Care Communities. Many regulations and or requirements have changed forcing facilities to update their policies and procedures to keep staff and residents safe! We will provide a comprehensive update on the very latest in OSHA’s initiatives. In addition, we will discuss innovative ways to successfully meet these stringent standards – without busting the budget.

Participants will gain an understanding of the basics of OSHA record-keeping, learn how to avoid the common OSHA violations, get tips for using proactive safety audit tools and discover smart ways to prevent accidents from happening. In addition, you’ll find out exactly what you will need to do to be prepared for an OSHA site visit.

Do you know….

  • the OHSA hot spots? What the inspector is guaranteed to look?
  • the critical parts of the inspection and how to best prepare?
  • ways to avoid the most common mistakes that facilities make DURING the inspection?
  • the best way to contest an OSHA citation and determine whether or not it’s worth it?

Please join Dr. Jim Wooddell as he reviews OSHA record-keeping requirements including recent changes, requirements on retention, maintenance and location of records as well as the Ins and Outs of the 300 Log, 301 and 300A.

Please forward this invitation to others within your facility that would benefit from learning more about OSHA changes.


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