Clinical Consultant Pharmacist Services

Our Clinical Consultant Pharmacist services are founded on the principle of medication management and the appropriate use of medications. This philosophy transcends acuity, payer source, and length of stay. Simply put, Partners Clinical Consultants approach every review in the same manner -- if a resident’s profile contains three medications or 15, it is our mission to assess his or her regimen for the appropriate and desired outcome. If one or both of the criteria are not being met, it is the function of the Consultant to not only address this issue, but to offer the appropriate solution as well.

A Proactive Approach

Partner’s pharmacists develop customized programs that respond to clients’ specific needs for cost containment, education, training, regulatory compliance and, most importantly, quality medication services for residents. From a regulatory perspective, Partners Clinical Consultants are trained to identify not only potential survey issues, but are focused in a proactive approach in working with facilities on national initiatives as well (e.g., CMS Behavioral Initiative, AGS Beers update, PPI utilization.). The ultimate goal is to achieve superior clinical results for residents while maximizing quality, cost-efficiency and financial results for the community.

Customized Planning and Regular Communications

Partners’ Consultant Pharmacists also communicate frequently with facility leadership teams to regularly assess program effectiveness and to seek opportunities for continuous quality improvement of all medication-related processes. By providing customized monthly and quarterly reports that include statistical data comparisons and graphs, as well as individualized resident reviews and custom reports, Consultant Pharmacists afford facility staff easy assessment of key statistical indicators. Partners’ advanced technologies also enhance communications by providing web-based iMRR within 72 hours of a resident’s admission and a direct link to Partners’ Consultants for COC information interchange (eFax).

Regulatory Compliance Oversight

Regulatory compliance review is another key service provided by Partners’ Consultant Pharmacists. As part of their role, they respond to the facility’s compliance needs by monitoring medication trends, assisting with survey preparation, recommending clinical education programs and creating remedial action plans as appropriate.