Medication Management

Partners Pharmacy provides a variety of Medication Management solutions which include a systematic review for high-cost medications to determine appropriateness of therapy and opportunities for cost containment, and our comprehensive pharmacy services which provide state-of-the-art technology for medication ordering, delivery, order status, and automated on-site medication management.

Effective Cost-Containment Strategies

Cost-containment strategies are a central component of Partners’ Medication Management Programs. Partners strives to reduce costs without compromising quality and outcomes. Partners Pharmacy helps achieve savings on pharmaceutical costs in a number of ways:

  • Internal medication management clinical group
  • Prospective, concurrent and retrospective intervention
  • Facility medication management helpdesk
  • Direct intervention with facility Consultant Pharmacist to ensure alignment with facility/organizational goals
  • Routine reviews of medications by Partners’ staff for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Development of a facility-specific “preferred formulary”
  • Notifications of non-preferred orders with the opportunity to choose a preferred agent
  • Physician reporting on formulary adherence and missed savings

Pre-Admission Screening

Partners provides multiple options for facilities to obtain medication costs for prospective admissions. This can be achieved by utilizing our web portal, which is available 24/7 for immediate price quotes, or via a fax-back system to the pharmacy. The medication utilization of prospective admissions is also available for review to identify potential medical management opportunities.

Therapeutic Strategies and Outcomes Program

  • Facility-based educational programming and training that teaches medical directors and attending physicians how to develop and implement quality-based cost-reduction strategies
  • Education programs for physicians and other mid-level prescribers on valuable geriatric-focused topics
  • Consultation for physicians by experts on the Partners Pharmacy Medical Advisory Board