Remote On-site Dispensing

AP PharmaSystem™ is America’s most technologically sophisticated, fully integrated, cost-effective in-house pharmacy platform for the safe, easy distribution and management of medication in sub-acute nursing environments. AP PharmaSystem™ is designed to:

  • Improve the quality of resident care

  • Improve and facilitate regulatory compliance

  • Improve financial management and bottom-line performance

Benefits that Matter Most to Nurses and Caregivers

AP PharmaSystem™ enhances pharmaceutical care by providing an in-house medication management and distribution platform that benefits owners, operators, administrators, directors of nursing and nursing staff, physicians, referral sources and family members by ensuring:

  • Immediate first-dose capability from a constantly maintained inventory of over 170 key medications

  • Clinically appropriate, cost-effective formulary management and compliance

  • Billing only for dispensed medications; eliminating the waste of bulk-package returns

  • A safe, accurate, secure, constantly monitored medication dispensing system

  • Immediate, 24/7 response to facility nurses’ questions and concerns

  • Technical maintenance integrated into regular medication delivery cycle

  • Comprehensive accounting and facility-customized reports

An AP PharmaSystem™ facility has:

  • Immediate, in-house first dose capability

  • Constant inventory on site, ensuring greater med availability for new orders and STATS

  • Individually packaged multi-med doses, one Med Packet per patient, per med pass

  • Reduced med errors – each Med Packet clearly identifies resident, date, time and medications

  • Reduced med cart clutter, reduced med administration time

  • Meds only dispensed from PassPort based at specified times, often reducing number of med passes

  • PRN and Controlled Drug Utilization easily monitored

  • Customized report capability

  • Medications billed only when dispensed, limiting returns or waste

  • Bills clear and reconcilable

  • Diversions reduced due to system security and limited access to meds

  • Formulary compliance facilitated

A fully automated, constantly monitored unit-dose dispensing center located in your nursing facility, designed to enhance med pass accuracy and efficiency and to eliminate costly medication waste.

AP PassPort™ is a fully automated, remotely monitored medication dispensing center located in your facility.

The AP PassPort™ pharmacy platform is designed to provide skilled and sub-acute facility managers a reliable, secure, fully supported medication management and disbursement capability.

Incorporating innovative engineering and advanced software, AP PassPort™ enables nursing staff to spend less time on administration and compliance issues, and more time on the most important job: giving personal attention to the residents under their care.

  • Medications are dispensed in unit dose, by resident, by med pass, reducing the cost of returning unused meds

  • AP PassPort™ holds bulk quantities of more than 170 frequently prescribed oral meds in a secure environment.

  • AP PassPort’s inventory increases the percentage of meds dispensed on site rather than delivered hours later by a pharmacy

  • The AP pharmacy team constantly monitors AP PassPort’s bulk inventory, and automatically refills as necessary

  • Special medications and non-oral solids not dispensed on site are delivered from the AP pharmacy

  • All prescriptions and dispensing are administered by Advanced Pharmacy registered pharmacists

A 24/7 Advanced Pharmacy team providing electronic and visual monitoring, pharmaceutical expertise, and immediately responsive field service, assisting nurses in accurate therapeutic interchange and ensuring continuous quality control.

AP OnCall™ is a highly trained team of software specialists and systems technicians providing electronic and visual monitoring of your in-house AP PassPort™ and live, 24/7 support for your nurses and other facility staff.

AP OnCall™ provides a comprehensive support system to ensure that the AP PharmaSystem™ in-house pharmacy platform provides reliable, user friendly, uninterrupted service under any circumstances, especially in emergency situations when you need support most.

The AP OnCall™ team stays constantly connected to you through on-line inventory and systems monitoring capabilities, and through real-time video “presence’” that allows your team and ours to ensure the maximum performance of the system.

  • AP OnCall™ allows your nurses to have ‘over-the-shoulder’ assistance and real-time consultation.

  • Remote video monitoring of PassPort eliminates time-lags in addressing simple mechanical or dispensing issues.

  • Constant electronic monitoring of the AP PassPort’s on-board diagnostic systems assures dispensing center equipment reliability.

  • The AP OnCall™ team provides routine equipment maintenance during regular visits to your facility.

  • AP technicians are on call 24/7 to provide onsite technical assistance in any situation.

An integrated information management and reporting system designed to monitor med utilization and formulary adherence, and to ensure accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

AP Solutions™ is your integrated information management and reporting system designed to track and predict medication utilization trends, physician prescribing patterns, and formulary compliance, and to assist with the burdensome requirements of regulatory compliance.

AP Solutions™ automates and integrates many separate accounting, reporting and analysis functions essential to efficient operations.

The AP team collaborates with each PharmaSystem user to design the reports and analytical tools most meaningful to the facility’s particular operating and regulatory environment, eliminating duplicative management tasks and benefiting from revenue-enhancing ‘predictive’ analyses.

  • AP Solutions allows users to design and generate on-site the reports that enhance efficiency and profitability.

  • AP Solutions provides analytical tools to provide real management decision support.

  • AP Solutions reports can track utilization by drug type, by patient and/or by facility.

  • AP Solutions provides facilities with an invaluable database for medical, financial, regulatory and management support.

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