Our History

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Springfield Township, New Jersey, Partners Pharmacy serves the medication management needs of over 48,000 residents in more than 500 long-term care, skilled nursing and assisted living communities in the following states: Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia – as well as in the District of Columbia. Each regional Partners location provides the same unmatched personalized service through the combined resources of local teams and expanding national resources. Partners collaborates with the communities it serves to improve outcomes, reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies that permit more time for direct patient care.

Partners Pharmacy is proud to be one of the top three largest long-term care pharmacy companies in the U.S. today. As one of the nation’s premier providers, Partners Pharmacy offers the full range of resources required to effectively serve the comprehensive medication needs of skilled nursing facilities, long-term care residences, assisted living communities and their residents. Partners is a solution-focused enterprise employing 800 people, offering innovative technologies, advanced clinical systems and multiple pharmacy locations – all poised to provide the highest quality pharmacy care available to facility residents.

Partners Pharmacy’s rapid growth and success in the industry is built on cost-effective medication management, on-site pharmacy availability, expert consultation and a culture of exceptional personal service. Partners Pharmacy consistently supplies its client partners with the right medications for the right patients at the right times, thereby enabling clients to focus on the most important goal – providing top quality care to residents each and every day.

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