Account Management Services

Partners Pharmacy Customer Care Representatives are central components of our facility- and patient-centered service philosophy and a value-added extension of comprehensive pharmacy solutions.

The role of the Customer Care Representative is to support the clinical and service requirements of the facilities Partners serves. Upon selection as pharmacy vendor, Partners’ Account Management team coordinates with the facility’s nursing and medical staff to provide a seamless continuity of comprehensive pharmacy services to the facility, staff, residents and their loved ones. Led by a dedicated Representative, a Partners’ Professional Services team coordinates the implementation of pharmacy services into the facility.

Subsequent to implementation, the Professional Services Representative visits the facility on a regular basis for consultation, education and problem solving. This may include Med Pass Observation, pre-survey support, training, education, a wide variety of audits, and other facility-specific initiatives as requested.

Furthermore, every Partners Pharmacy Customer Care Representative is available to attend facility and family meetings, investigate and resolve any pharmacy-related issues, and introduce new service programs.

Partners’ Customer Care Representatives develop strong, professional partnerships with the communities we serve and are dedicated to doing everything possible to assist clients with providing the highest quality care and service.