IV Mastery

IV Mastery offers an innovative training platform designed to meet the increasing educational needs of today’s healthcare setting.

IV Mastery provides affordable IV education to help healthcare workers learn and expand their knowledge and skills. The interactive classes include in-depth video training and tutorials, workbooks, and instructional posters to supplement healthcare workers learning experience.

The educational platform provides unlimited, 24/7 access to the following classes, with more courses always being added:

STATE CLASS: Your State-Specific Class
CLASS 1: Infusion Therapy Management
CLASS 2: Peripheral Catheter Insertion
CLASS 3 Parenteral Nutrition Management
CLASS 4: Implanted Port Management
CLASS 5: Central Line Dressing Change
CLASS 6: PICC Removal Procedure
CLASS 7:IV Push Medications
CLASS 8: IV Diuretic & IV Inotropic for CHF

CLASS 9: Blood Collection from a PICC 
CLASS 10: Sigma Spectrum Pump
CLASS 11: Understand and Initiate Hypodermolysis
CLASS 12: Zyno Pump Basic Training
CLASS 13: Phlebotomy Procedures
CLASS 14: Transfusion Therapy
CLASS 15: Patient Controlled Analgesia
CLASS 16: Elastomeric Infusion Pump
CLASS 17: Ultrasound PIV Insertion