Remote Onsite Dispensing System

Immediate medication availability and unique med pass packaging enables your nurses to spend more time on what matters most – caring for your residents. The AP PassPort™ system incorporates innovative, patented technology and advanced software. This will transform the pharmacy services at your facility by increasing accuracy and efficiency, while reducing costly waste and dependence on pharmacy delivery.

Why AP PassportTM

A fully automated, remotely monitored, medication-dispensing center located inside your facility.
  • Dispenses single and multi-fill med envelopes uniquely labeled with your resident’s name, room number, and medications.
  • Securely packages control medications, which dramatically decreases/eliminates nursing time spent on “shift-to-shift” narcotic counts.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with existing facility eMAR Systems (including PointClickCare, MatrixCare, American Health Tech, SigmaCare and most others).
  • Increases number of meds dispensed and available on-site to over 300, reducing the dependence on pharmacy deliveries for new admission, refill, stat and routine medications.
  • Immediate first-dose and stat capability from facility-specific medication inventory (customized based on facility utilization and physician prescribing habits).
  • AP PassPort™ is monitored visually and diagnostically 24/7 via our on-call pharmacy support.
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