Cost-Effective Results

Cost-containment strategies are a central component of Partners Pharmacy’s continuum of services to client communities. Partners employs several valuable processes that enable facilities to monitor and contain their medication costs without compromising outcomes:

  • Partners Medical Advisory Board routinely reviews medications for both efficiency and cost-effectiveness

  • Partners offers a wide variety of Medication Management Solutions

  • Creation of a facility-specific “preferred formulary”

  • On non-preferred orders, Partners provides notification to the facility, consults with the prescriber, and makes every effort to provide facilities with the opportunity to choose a preferred agent

  • Physician-specific reporting on adherence to the customized formulary and missed opportunities for savings

  • Evaluation of medication usage trends

  • Timely reports on medication utilization and savings resulting from the preferred formulary

Reducing Costs Without Compromising Outcomes

Partners takes its responsibility for controlling medication costs very seriously, but recognizes that providing the best care possible for residents and patients is paramount. Therefore, Partners takes specific steps to assure that patient outcomes and quality of care are maintained while helping communities reduce pharmacy expenses:

Increased On-site Medication Availability

  • On-site Automated Medication Management System

Clinical Pharmacist Review and Intervention on New Orders (Admissions)

  • Initial Medication Review on All New Admissions

  • Strategies and Outcomes Program

  • Partners Medical Advisory Board

Formulary Controls

  • Specialty Drugs

  • Intravenous Therapy

  • Costly Oral Solids