New tools to help you with PDPM

We are excited to announce the release of three new tools on PartnersConnect to support our customers as you navigate through the PDPM reimbursement changes.

Our NTA PDPM Analysis tool calculates projected NTA Case Mix reimbursement under PDPM based on the CMS Comorbidity Conditions for the NTA group and compares the estimated NTA PDPM reimbursement to the anticipated drug costs for a new post-acute patient. By using this analytical tool in conjunction with the Price Quote tool, facilities can easily estimate the NTA PDPM reimbursement for a new post-acute patient and compare it to the patient’s anticipated drug costs.

The Patient Diagnosis vs Drug Classes report, available on the Standard Reports page, displays facility-entered EHR diagnoses for a patient, as transmitted to the pharmacy, in conjunction with the list of active medication orders, their therapeutic class, and optionally their associated ICD-10 codes. Your admissions team and MDS coders can use this report to identify missing diagnoses and/or missed CMS comorbidity conditions that may qualify for extra facility reimbursement for post-acute patients in the NTA Case Mix group.

And lastly, we’ve created and posted a document with the fifty CMS NTA Comorbidity Scores showing the conditions for the NTA Case Mix group in alphabetical order as an easy reference for MDS and Clinical Staff members. The document is called PDPM NTA Qualifying Conditions Alpha.pdf and can be found in the File Library page under the Reference Material section.

Please contact your Partner’s Account Manager if you need assistance in accessing these tools on PartnersConnect.

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