TSF Formulary Documents

Dear Doctor,

Skilled nursing facilities are being continually challenged to provide cost-effective pharmaceutical care to their residents so Partners Pharmacy has developed a Therapeutic Substitution Formulary (TSF) program to provide our client facilities with cost-effective, clinically appropriate formulary offerings.

The Partners Pharmacy TSF program allows a prescriber to pre-authorize therapeutically equivalent medication substitutions at the time of pharmacy dispensing.  Non-formulary medication orders from physicians who participate in the Partner’s TSF program will be interchanged automatically by Partners Pharmacy to the physician-approved formulary product at the time of dispense without any need to contact you.

Please click on the link below to review the formulary being implemented by CareOne in  their Skilled Nursing Facilities in NJ and if you are in agreement, click on the second link to complete the “Prescriber Authorization for Facility Therapeutic Substitution” form to enroll in this important formulary management initiative.

Thank You, 

Partners Pharmacy


CareOne TSF Formulary (full)

TSF Prescriber Authorization Form (print version) 

If you prefer to have us send you a document that you can sign electronically, please email nicole.weal@partnerspharmacy.com and we will send you a link to e-sign.