Announcing The Launch of Partners Medication Management LLC


The Care One Integrated Healthcare Network is pleased to announce the launch of Partners Medication Management, LLC. Partners Medication Management provides services promoting safe transitions of care and comprehensive medication management.

Partners Medication Management offers MedRec360 by Partners, a medication reconciliation report combined with pharmacist guidance ensuring healthcare providers have the best information to manage medication transitions of care at all levels.

Partners Medication Management will coordinate care from discharge to home by providing clear and timely communication between patients, caregivers, home health workers, and medical providers. Direct patient connection with pharmacy professionals facilitates safe medication practices preventing adverse events and re-hospitalizations.

“MedRec360 by Partners is a complete medication reconciliation and medication review made available to a provider within 24 hours of transition,” stated Jim Matthews, EVP of Operations. “This powerful solution provides a comprehensive view of a patient’s hospital and community based prescriptions with recommendations for insightful ease of use while helping to prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations due to medication errors.”

Partners offers cost containment strategies as well as formulary management products for providers and payers financially at risk. Formulary management and plan design facilitated by proprietary PBM programming will create meaningful savings for customers by returning control over pharmaceutical spending to the healthcare provider.

About the CareOne Integrated Healthcare Network: The CareOne Integrated Healthcare Network is designed to provide total continuity of care across every aspect of a patient or resident’s healthcare journey including assisted living, long term care, post-acute rehabilitation, long term acute care, memory care, home care, hospice and palliative and pharmaceutical services. No matter the care need, the CareOne Integrated Healthcare Network ensures coordinated and seamless care for every patient or resident providing the quality, personalized experience they need and deserve.    

For more information regarding Partners Medication Management, please contact Jim Matthews, EVP of Operations at

For information regarding the CareOne Integrated Healthcare Network, please contact Patricia Chiorello, SVP of Communications at

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