Partners Pharmacy of Massachusetts and Maryland recently had their 6 month inspection, covering all areas of the pharmacy from the control room to the non-sterile compounding area. We are proud to report that both locations had no deficiencies sited in their surveys. The MA inspectors stated, “you run the tightest control room in the state,” to our MA Director of Pharmacy, Derek Corriveau. These inspectors were also treated to a short presentation of Passport, our fully automated medication-dispensing center, and were thrilled with the technology, congratulating us on being the first to get this in the state of Massachusetts. All regional Partners locations provide the same unmatched personalized service through the combined resources of local teams and expanding national resources. Partners believes pharmacy services should have a positive impact on the quality of care delivered to residents and fosters a decisive, customer-focused approach to provide trusted care. We are very proud of our teams for achieving deficiency-free surveys.

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