Partners Pharmacy Provides Emergency Services to New Jersey Field Hospitals


Partners Pharmacy is answering the call from the State of New Jersey to provide emergency pharmacy services to the three field hospitals opening across the state to alleviate the strain on local hospitals due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The first field hospital opens today at Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, with two more opening up within the next two weeks at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison and at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Partners Pharmacy will be using their APS PassPort™ system to dispense medication quickly and accurately allowing nursing staff to focus on the job at hand. The APS PassPort™ is a fully automated, remotely-monitored dispensing center focused on alleviating the stress of medication dispensing on nursing staff. These machines, in collaboration with 24/7 pharmacy staffing from partner organization, Pharma-Care, Inc. will help ensure the safety and pharmacy needs of patients across the state of NJ. It will also be used to send medications home with patients upon discharge, eliminating the need to navigate pharmacy services upon returning home.

“Our team is incredible at getting to work quickly and heeding the call for help, providing round-the-clock pharmacy services to patients in need with a goal of minimal disruption to care and no delay to medication delivery,” said Anthony Spero, Chief Operating Officer at Partners Pharmacy. “Our staff is no stranger to crisis preparedness, jumping to action during the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Harvey. We are using these same skills and the tools we’ve built, like our APS PassPort™ machine, to make sure that everyone can still provide the same high-level of care we need to get through this pandemic. Our employees are true heroes!”

About Partners Pharmacy – Partners Pharmacy is the third largest long-term care pharmacy provider in the U.S. Each regional Partners location provides the same unmatched personalized service through the combined resources of local teams and expanding national resources. Partners collaborates with the communities it serves to improve outcomes, reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies that permit more time for direct patient care. For more information about Partners Pharmacy, please contact Patricia Chiorello, VP of Communications at

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